Those searching for their favorite packaged snacks and ingredients for their next meal should definitely visit a supermarket that is known for their large inventory. At El Gallito Supermercado, which is located in Nashville, TN, we are a highly regarded supermarket, known for our international cuisine selection that keeps our shoppers coming back for more.

At our well-known supermarket, we are proud to sell a wide variety of the Mexican foods that you love, from candies and packaged chips to instant noodles and bottled drinks. Once you enter our inviting location, you will be drawn in by our wide selection of choices that delights our customers. Whatever flavors you’re craving, we know there’s something here that you’ll love. Our skilled and knowledgeable staff work hard to help our customers find the foods they’re looking for. We are also a restaurant, where you can get delicious Mexican soups and others dishes.

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